Step 1


As a general contractor, we accept consultation on various kinds of construction work.Through in-depth meetings conducted by our Japanese staff , we will listen to each of our clients' requests and clarify the requirements.

Step 2

Plannning and design

We will verify and select the most appropriate construction method while taking into consideration various construction conditions in Vietnam. Our exclusive designer team will produce diagrams and 3D perspective drawings in accordance with the requests of clients.

Step 3


Our staff who are familiar with the local situation will select the most appropriate materials for construction.We make proposals based on local Vietnam prices. Our proposals are made with the involvement of our professional staff and we will follow up closely until our clients are satisfied with our proposals.

Step 4

Construction and handing over

Our staff who have built up reliable experience will manage the entire work process. We employ and manage engineers and workers within our own company so that we can achieve Japan-level quality. We will also respond quickly to any concerns or consultation after work is completed.


It usually takes us around 03 weeks to come up with the general quotation as per each customer requirements. We are grateful for your sympathy during this time.